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Sunday, November 27, 2022

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Understanding Customer Motivations

Let's start at the beginning. You already know the key business benefits that motivate your potential customers at an organizational level. You've heard them a million times:

  • "Save us time ..."
  • "Save us money ..."
  • "Make us money..."
  • "Increase our efficiency ..."
  • "Boost our productivity ..."
  • "Grow our business ..."

But you can't afford to forget the personal appeal, the motivations that will turn a potential customer into a lifetime customer:

  • Need for security
  • Avoiding stress or hardship
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Fear of loss

In many cases, technical professionals and managers are buying for themselves first and for their companies second. To be successful, your marketing program must focus on the benefits your potential customer desires for their company, PLUS you must speak to the individual's personal agenda.

This is where Telesian Technology's marketing team excels. We're scientists, engineers, and managers who are also well-known marketing professionals. We understand your potential customer's motivations and are able to speak directly to their special needs because we've been there. Acting as an extension of your marketing team, we know how to turn all communications (from advertising to PR to the Web) into lead-generating, profit-building activities.