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Sunday, November 27, 2022

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B-Blogs & MicrositesB-Blogs & Microsites

B-blogs, or corporate weblogs, are grassroots marketing at its best. They can be used to strengthen relationships, share knowledge, increase collaboration, even improve branding. Where personal blogs can generate tens of thousands of visitors per month, b-blogs can easily get your message out to millions. Just focus on a topic that best fits with your company's expertise.

Telesian can help you create a microsite of newsletter articles on a particular topic. Or set up a b-blog to interact with customers and prospects. These specialized sites are especially powerful for your company's technical experts who can create forums and followings. They also help you manage your reputation.

Make sure you handle them correctly before you have a PR nightmare on your hands. Telesian will help you:

Define your company's guidelines for postings. Act now before one of your employees doesn't realize they aren't supposed to talk about patent secrets.

Determine who the best industry influencers are to help you carry your message out to a wider audience. These may be in-house personnel or external advocates.

Find your "voice" that will help you deliver your message in an honest and personable manner.

Establish the mechanism to distribute your message throughout the relevant markets.

Find out more in "BusinessWeek Says, 'Blogs Will Change Your Company'" and "WikiWikiWeb: The Whiteboard Technology of Internet Communications."

Create a compelling and targeted customer experience with a b-blog or microsite. Email Shari Worthington at .