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Sunday, November 27, 2022

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e-Magalog: The e-Newsletter for the B2B Marketse-Magalog: The e-Newsletter for the B2B Markets

Much of technology marketing is about building credibility and keeping your name top of mind during long sales cycles. One of the best ways to accomplish both is with a regular e-newsletter. Combine white papers, tutorials, how to's, case histories, and product information into a must-have resource for your market. Telesian provides content strategy, copy development, editing, design, distribution, and detailed analytics. Custom developed to work with your corporate branding needs, choose the e-newsletter format and frequency that's right for your customers.

Once developed, Telesian will provide detailed analytics about what's working, such as:

  • The Open Rate gives you a rough idea of how many people are looking at your email. It's not a perfect measure as many email packages don't automatically display graphics, which is how open rate is tracked. But you can compare your open rate with industry benchmarks to find out how well you're doing. See up-to-date industry stats here.
  • The Clickthrough Rate tells you if your content is useful to readers. If you get clicks, run more of that kind of content. If you don't, try something else.
  • The Forward Rate tells you how many people you're reaching beyond the ones already in your database. This is a great way to grow your list, a critical part of a top performing e-newsletter program.
  • Make sure you're also tracking bottom line numbers, like conversions and ROI, so you know that people are consuming your content AND taking action.

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