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Sunday, November 27, 2022

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Technology & Manufacturing: Marketing, Web Development, E-Business

Electronic Product Catalogs

The heart of the B2B markets, the product catalog drives customer-supplier interactions. Telesian's electronic product catalogs are database-driven solutions that enable optimal presentation of product features, benefits, technical specifications, and images. Data can be searched quickly and efficiently by keyword, product name, product function, or model number.

CASE HISTORY: Dresser Instruments

When it comes to pressure gauges and transmitters, Dresser's Heise and Ashcroft product families are the top of the line. But dozens of product families and hundreds of products made it a challenge to present the product information in a clear and cohesive manner on the web. Telesian's e-business team worked with the company to develop an online product catalog that lists and sorts product data in a variety of ways. In addition, a front-end interface was added that allows the company's product managers and communications personnel to update the information quickly and easily through a simple browser HTML coding required!

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