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Sunday, November 27, 2022

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Technology & Manufacturing: Marketing, Web Development, E-Business

Web Site Design & DevelopmentWeb Site Design & Development

From content management systems to database development to e-commerce, Telesian is well versed in the key technologies that drive Internet business. We specialize in Web and e-commerce solutions for the technology and manufacturing markets. Our clients include a wide range of small and large manufacturers, software developers, distributors, and service organizations selling in the B2B markets.

"Telesian knows engineers. Many of us want to see a web presence that pleases us. What we forget is that what pleases us is generally not the best site for getting engineers involved. Our site hits went up over 10x once the Telesian redesign was posted. Thanks Telesian."
-- Gary Wagner, President, Imaging Technology Incorporated

What a well-designed web site can do for you.

Web Development

  • Site concept, planning, & design
  • Information flow
  • Creative and content management
  • Site re-engineering
  • Database development & integration
  • Search engine optimization
  • Document conversion
  • Discussion groups

Electronic Commerce

  • e-Commerce strategic planning
  • Online catalogs, electronic ordering
  • Digital certificates
  • Credit card processing
  • Secure hosting: SSL, SET

Intranet & Extranet Solutions

  • Web-based corporate communications
  • Cross-platform, collaborative computing
  • Firewall protection

Web Site Hosting

  • System administration and management
  • FTP servers, DNS services, Listservs
  • Database integration
  • Platforms: Windows NT, UNIX, Linux, Mac OS

Strategic Planning & Marketing

  • Online media planning, design, and placement
  • Integrated, multimedia marketing campaigns: e-mail, newsgroups, listservs, banners, and more
  • Brand image building: corporate and product

Other Services

  • Site evaluation service
  • Site announcement program
  • Search engine & online directory registration

For further information, email Shari Worthington at .