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Thursday, December 14, 2017

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Technology & Manufacturing: Marketing, Web Development, E-Business

Telesian really understands the marketing process and they know how to deliver results.
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The Communications Value Chain™

The Communications Value Chain is a modular service that mixes and matches the right marketing components to the client situation. If you're a start-up, you'll want to immediately focus on generating qualified leads through a variety of guerilla marketing techniques that include PR, e-marketing, and direct mail. If you're already established in the industry, you'll want to increase your mind-share by building your brand through a more comprehensive program.

The components of the Communications Value Chain include:

Strategy Development

Planning, research, and positioning that provide your company with a strategic competitive advantage:

  • The Differentiator™ - position your company and provide a unique competitive advantage

  • The Market Blueprint™ - analyze your market and channels; includes integrated media planner

  • The Brand Engine™ - create a comprehensive brand architecture program

  • IMPACT Marketing: MBC™, Managing the Buy Cycle - align marketing efforts with the informational needs of buyers, then propel buyers through the sales cycle using high impact messaging, tools, and collateral

  • MarketEyes® - keep track of key competitors and significant industry trends with our daily, weekly, and monthly reporting services

  • Product Mx® - develop a product development process that gets your products delivered on-time and on-target

  • Workshops & Seminars - high impact seminars to get your marketing and product management programs on track

e-Business Services

Innovative communication programs for doing business online, finding and interacting with customers, communicating with business partners and suppliers, and developing new products and markets. From b-blogs to interactive databases to search engine marketing, Telesian's web services keep you in touch with customers and ahead of the competition.

Channel Development

  • The Channel Partner™ - whether sales channels, development partnerships, or strategic relationships, drive revenue by creating profitable partner and channel strategies

Direct Marketing & Collateral

Public Relations & Event Management

Quick-Start Programs

To get you up and running quickly, these services begin producing results virtually immediately!