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Sunday, November 27, 2022

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Publishing and Editorial Services

Nothing speaks more strongly to scientists, engineers, and technical managers than a respected publication. While your PR campaign works closely with the outside editorial community, you can build a closer relationship with your prospects by publishing your own technical newsletter or magalog (part magazine, part catalog). This gives you direct control over editorial content and product positioning.

Our staff of editors and writers provides you with a broad range of capabilities and expertise. Staff members includes scientists, engineers, computer gurus, and journalists, all with many years of experience in technical writing, editing, and computing applications. Creating a valued publication requires careful attention to the quality of the written material and the length. Our staff is well-versed and ready to serve your needs, whether it's in-depth technology tutorials or the new standard of the press, refrigerator journalism (short, focused articles geared to busy professionals who only have short bursts of time available for reading).

Once the editorial material is prepared, we carefully design the publication to encourage readership, fit with the corporate look and feel, and include sufficient graphics and block diagrams to provide an overview of the content.

We also work to develop the best mix of media to convey your message. In some cases this means a print publication, in others, an e-zine. The bottom line is, we'll help you determine what's most appropriate for your audience and which vehicle best communicates your company's market and technology leadership.

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