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Sunday, November 27, 2022

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Focuslight Introduces VCSEL Line Beam Transmitter Module for Automotive LiDAR Applications

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June 14, 2021 – Xi'an, China – Focuslight Technologies, a global provider of high power diode lasers and micro optics, has announced the Focuslight FocusFlux® LX01 VCSEL line beam transmitter module. An industry first, the transmitter combines a multi-junction, high peak power 905nm VCSEL with unique optical beam shaping technology to produce a very uniform line beam (>80%) with FA divergence of <0.15˚ (horizontal) and SA divergence of 23˚ (vertical FOV, customizable). The slow axis divergence angle and energy distribution within the FOV can be customized on request.

Focuslight FocusFlux LX01 VCSEL line beam transmitter module

Figure 1. The Focuslight LX01 line beam LiDAR transmitter module and its line laser beam.

"Compared with line beam transmitter modules based on EEL edge-emitting laser, the FocusFlux LX01 transmitter has core advantages of high-reliability, smaller wavelength temperature shift coefficient, lower sealing requirements, and overall lower cost at high volumes," said Kenneth Ferree, VP of Sales and Marketing at Focuslight Technologies. "With an APD array or the new SPAD/SIPM linear array as the LiDAR detector, the resulting LiDAR system can achieve high beam density, high resolution, and longer detection range. It is a preferred light source for next-generation line beam scanning LiDAR."

The FocusFlux LX01 line beam transmitter is the newest addition to Focuslight's LiDAR TX L line beam product line. The overall dimensions are 50.9 mm x 47.9 mm x 78.9 mm. The optical power is 200W, which can be used for new project optical performance evaluation and concept or prototype development.

Part of the Focuslight FocusFlux Series, the FocusFlux LX01 line beam transmitter is designed with special materials and an assembly process that meets automotive grade reliability, production, and quality requirements. It is able to lase as usual under high temperature (+80C) and low temperature (-40C), as defined and required by automotive standards. This enables users to comply with automotive requirements at a system level. Focuslight is also IATF 16949 certified and can provide mass production services and technical solutions for automotive customers.

The Focuslight FocusFlux LX01 VCSEL line beam transmitter is available now. OEM prices available on request.

FocusFlux LX01 data sheet:

About Focuslight Technologies
Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Xi'an, China, Focuslight Technologies Inc. is a fast-growing company that develops and manufactures high power diode lasers (photon generation) and laser optics (photon control) used in various applications in advanced manufacturing, health, research, automotive, and information technology. In 2017, Focuslight acquired LIMO, one of the leading manufacturers of micro optics and beam shaping solutions and a pioneer in groundbreaking photonics production technologies. Focuslight has over 407 patents worldwide and is ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 9001:2015, and IATF 16949 certified. Additional information can be found at

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