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Saturday, February 27, 2021

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Motion Media Technology Appoints Medical Director, Dr. Jay Sanders, "Father of Telemedicine"

Las Vegas, NV (October 15, 2001) - Motion Media Technology, a world leader in video telephony products for the business and mass markets, today announced at the National Association of Home Care Conference the appointment of
Jay Sanders, MD, as Consulting Medical Director. An accomplished physician and international consultant in the areas of telemedicine and telehealth, Dr. Sanders will advise Motion Media Technology on national and international telehealth policies and programs, as well as on the future of telecommunications and information technologies as they relate to health care delivery. He will also work with the company's product development staff as they continue to expand their work in applying visual communications technology to telehealth applications.

Known throughout the industry as the "Father of Telemedicine," Dr. Sanders plays a central role in a number of worldwide telemedicine and telehealth initiatives. He is President and CEO of The Global Telemedicine Group, an international consulting company working with information technologies in the health care field. He is also a Professor of Medicine (Adjunct) at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and a Senior Consultant to NASA. He directed the US telemedicine initiatives to the G-8 nations, has been a consultant for the World Health Organization on Health Telematics, and is Past President of The American Telemedicine Association. Dr. Sanders earned an MD from Harvard Medical School, did his residency training at the Massachusetts General Hospital, and performed research at the National Institutes of Health. In addition, he held senior medical positions at the University of Miami School of Medicine, the Medical College of Georgia, and was a visiting professor at Yale University.

"Telehealth is about bringing health care to those who are disenfranchised from the health care system on the basis of geographical or functional isolation," said Dr. Sanders. "Video communications technology plays a vital role in achieving this goal and is, in fact, helping to change the face of medicine. At Motion Media Technology, we have seen telecommunications technology help save the lives of children, educate medical personnel, and improve the quality of life for the elderly."

"The telehealth industry has exploded this year as hospitals, remote care facilities, and health management organizations respond to intense pressure to improve the quality and cost structure of medical care," said Garey De Angelis, CEO of Motion Media Technology, Inc. "Dr. Sanders brings an exceptional level of experience in telecommunications and health care to our organization. As we push boundaries of communications technology in health care, we are extremely fortunate to have him as part of the Motion Media Technology team."

Telehealth in Action

Video communications technology is already being applied in a variety of telehealth settings, helping to improve the quality of life and access to care of young and old patients, alike. Pediatrics Cardiology Associates (Peoria, Illinois), for instance, is using Motion Media Technology's mm225 videophones to deliver live video and audio between pediatric heart patients and their cardiologists hundreds of miles away. Pardee Hospital (Hendersonville, North Carolina) is using Sentinel set-top boxes to allow caregivers to manage chronic disease patients in the comfort of their homes. The University of Plymouth (UK) uses Motion Media Technology videoconferencing systems to deliver specialized training for surgeons as part of a new Surgical Tele-Education course.

Video Communications Technology

The cornerstones of the Motion Media Technology family of communications products are the CareStation 125, a rugged videophone that allows patients and healthcare providers to communicate quickly and easily using standard phone lines, the mm225 business videophone, and the Sentinel set-top box. Designed as low cost video communications systems that use standard telephone lines, higher speed ISDN lines, or IP-based communications, all products provide a small footprint with picture quality that is significantly better than systems costing several times their price. In fact, Motion Media Technology is unique in its ability to deliver picture clarity and frame rates fast enough to keep up with sign language for the hearing-impaired.

About Motion Media Technology

Motion Media Technology ( is a world leader in the design of video communications products that provide innovative and practical solutions for business and visual communications, telehealth and home care, security and surveillance, and distance learning and training. The company provides a full range of affordable, easy to use products with outstanding video and audio quality, including desktop videophones, group videoconferencing systems, remote surveillance systems, and board-level codecs suitable for incorporation into other products.

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