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Saturday, February 27, 2021

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Motion Media Technology's CareStation™ Videophone Selected by Millennium Healthcare for Home-Based Wound Care

New treatment approach combines software knowledgebase with "virtual visits" by wound care expert

Las Vegas, NV (October 15, 2001) - Motion Media Technology, a world leader in video telephony products for health care, business, and mass markets, today announced at the National Association of Home Care Conference that they have partnered with Millennium Healthcare Solutions to enhance the delivery of effective wound care for home-bound patients. Under the agreement, Millennium will use the Motion Media Technology CareStation 125 videophone as a core element of its remote wound care solution. The complete solution also includes the Millennium LifeAdvantage software platform and Solutions for Outcomes knowledgebase of medical information. The CareStation 125 videophone provides audio, video, and data communications to allow virtual consultations between wound care experts and patients.

"Effective treatment of wounds has long been recognized as one of the greatest challenges facing home health care providers," said Jay Sanders, MD, Consulting Medical Director at Motion Media Technology. "The nurse in the field now has access to the latest medical knowledge to deliver the best possible treatment, supplemented by interactive access to a specialist as needed. As this solution demonstrates, telemedicine can play a vital role in the cost-effective delivery of advanced wound care."

Specialized Expertise on Demand

Millennium's wound care solution provides an expert consulting resource for the field nurse who might not be a specialist in wound care. Typically, a visiting nurse or other health care provider will visit a patient to check on a wound. If a nurse notices a problem or is unsure about the treatment, the Millennium Solutions for Outcomes wound care application running on a laptop can be consulted. The software provides recommendations on how to care for the wound, including what kind of dressing is appropriate, how to apply it, and how often it must be changed.

If the nurse still has questions or concerns, she can contact the Millennium Solutions call center in Barrington, Illinois, to connect to an expert wound care nurse who will participate in the home visit. The nurse on-site will be instructed to direct the CareStation 125's external video camera at the wound, then the two nurses will consult to determine the best course of treatment. Such an approach provides higher healing rates, lower cost of service, and significantly reduce rates of readmission for the same wound due to enhanced treatment. Remote monitoring can also be used between physical visits to ensure that treatment is proceeding as planned.

As Easy as a Phone Call

Motion Media Technology's CareStation 125 videophone allows patients and healthcare providers to communicate quickly and easily using standard phone lines. The first videophone system designed specifically for remote healthcare, the CareStation 125 includes a built-in video screen and integrated camera that supports high quality video at up to 30 frames per second. In addition to real-time audio and video communications, the unit supports a wide array of home monitoring devices, including electronic stethoscopes, blood pressure meters, EKG monitors, and more. Medical data can be transmitted together with the video call, allowing immediate assessment of the patient.

About Millennium Healthcare Solutions

Based in Edison, NJ, Millennium Healthcare Solutions (MHS) is dedicated to improving patient care through the development of Web-enabled, multimedia information and communication platforms. MHS innovation is bringing an unprecedented level of connectivity to patients, providers, and payers, enabling the dissemination of knowledge, providing next-generation consultative and interactive solutions and helping people manage their own healthcare decisions more effectively. MHS services include clinical imaging; local and global high-bandwidth telemedicine; low-bandwidth (POTS-based) telehealth solutions for home healthcare; disease and care management software; and a health knowledge archive platform giving patients and providers access to a variety of information available through the National Medical Knowledge Bank. For more information about MHS log on to

About Motion Media Technology

Motion Media Technology ( is a world leader in the design of video communications products, which provide innovative and practical solutions for business and visual communications, telehealth and home care, security and surveillance, and distance learning and training. The company provides a full range of affordable, easy to use products with outstanding video and audio quality, including desktop videophones, group videoconferencing systems, remote surveillance systems, and board-level codecs suitable for incorporation into other products.

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