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Saturday, February 27, 2021

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Advances in Video Surveillance Deliver "Plug and Go" Security over Internet Networks

With new emphasis on premises security, eyesite 140 delivers remote surveillance over IP networks

Wilmington, NC (December 3, 2001) - In today's uncertain environment, security has become a top priority for most businesses, small and large, alike. Just ask Tom Beynon, Product Manager at Checkpoint Systems (, a developer of supply chain management and security solutions. "Our customers are now painfully aware that their employees and their companies' physical assets are at risk 24 hours a day. We're constantly asked, 'How can we provide our employees with early warning tools that will let them do their jobs safely?' or 'How can we deter break-ins and reduce losses from theft?'"

To address these concerns, Checkpoint and several other large security services firms, such as ADI ( and Securex (, have turned to Motion Media Technology and the eyesite™ 140, an IP-based video transmission device for remote surveillance.

A lightweight, portable unit, the eyesite 140 provides simple, "plug and go" installation and two-way video and audio operation over any local or wide area IP (Internet protocol) network. New features include support for industry-standard pan/tilt/zoom and dome cameras from such companies as Pelco, F-Line, Philips, Panasonic, Sony, and Canon. In addition, the eyesite 140 features a special compensation protocol that automatically adjusts for the dynamic conditions of the Internet, delivering high quality video data even in the toughest networking environments.

"The eyesite 140 delivered excellent video transmission at all speeds, even the lower ones used by many retail businesses, 32 to 96 kbps," said Beynon of Checkpoint Systems. "We transferred large amounts of data across the LAN to see if that hurt performance. We were pleased to see that there was no effect on the eyesite 140 or on the network's performance."

Flexible and Secure

The newest version of the eyesite 140 provides real time remote transmission of up to 30 frames per second on up to six video inputs, including pan/tilt/zoom and dome cameras. Dual RS-232 ports mean the eyesite can remotely control specific features of the cameras, such rotation and focus, as well as multiplexers, matrix switches, and other security equipment.

Secure Internet Transmission

The eyesite 140 operates over any IP-based LAN (local area network) or WAN (wide area network). The system surpasses the capabilities of other IP-based surveillance products through the use of a proprietary SUDS™ (System User Dynamic Speeds) protocol. This allows the eyesite 140 to provide secure transmission over the network and dynamically adjust to changes in network QoS (Quality of Service) to provide reliable quality video even with the most challenging network connections.

Not Your Average Web Cam

Unlike low cost Web cams that send a still JPEG image every few seconds, the eyesite 140 delivers full-motion video using H.263 video compression. This means the unit operates in real time, optimizing motion and video detail for lower bit rates. The eyesite 140 outperforms similar MPEG-based systems, especially at data rates below 160 kbps, where bandwidth and scalability are at a premium.

Price & Availability

The eyesite 140 is available immediately. Prices start at $995. Systems are available nationwide through a distribution network, including ADI, Checkpoint, Electronics Line USA, and Securex.

About Motion Media Technology

Motion Media Technology ( is a world leader in the design of video communications products which provide innovative and practical solutions for business and visual communications, telehealth and home care, security and surveillance, and distance learning and training. The company provides a full range of affordable, easy to use products with outstanding video and audio quality, including desktop videophones, group videoconferencing systems, remote surveillance systems, and board-level codecs suitable for incorporation into other products.

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