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Saturday, February 27, 2021

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Motion Media Technology's Video Surveillance Device Chosen by Security & Surveillance Systems for Retail Security Apps

Remote video security and surveillance device transmits real-time, color video and audio over standard phone lines

Wilmington, NC (December 10, 2001) - Motion Media Technology, a world leader in video telephony products for the business and mass markets, today announced that Security & Surveillance Systems (, a security services firm that specializes in CCTV remote surveillance systems, has chosen the SS-100, a version of Motion Media's eyesite™ 110, as a core element of the company's remote surveillance systems.

A robust video transmission device that provides two-way visual and audio communications, the SS-100 allows Security & Surveillance (S&S) to deliver its retail business customers with a quick, cost-effective means to improve productivity, service, and security. Retail establishments can use the SS-100 to monitor remote locations from anywhere in the world using standard phone lines. S&S has purchased 500 units of the SS-100 and will use them in a variety of small businesses, from restaurants to bookstores to entertainment complexes.

"Most owners and managers want to know more about how well their employees are running the stores," said Ron Phillips, General Manager of Security & Surveillance. "Owners learn that with the SS-100 video surveillance system, they can not only see, but also hear, what is going on in several stores from a single, remote location. In addition, they can communicate directly with people in the store, almost as if they were there. There's nothing like instant feedback to motivate a worker."

Remote Surveillance

S&S is using the SS-100, a compact, portable unit that can easily be carried between home and office, or even used in a hotel room. The video surveillance system connects between any standard telephone jack and television, and supports up to six standard closed circuit TV (CCTV) cameras. Business owners or managers simply dial the phone number of the remote facility they wish to view using a standard telephone line. The images from the on-site cameras appear on the screen. On-site monitoring is supported by connecting the local unit to a TV in the manager's office. The system can store up to 50 locations (phone numbers) on speed dial.

The SS-100 can also be connected to the auxiliary output of an alarm system to automatically "phone home" if the alarm goes off. The alarm can be sent out to the police or alarm agency in the normal manner, but can also trigger the local SS-100 to dial anywhere specified - home, security guard, or office. Managers equipped with a remote unit will be able to see what's happening even before help arrives.

About Security & Surveillance Systems

Security & Surveillance Systems ( sells and installs CCTV-based remote surveillance systems for small business owners. S&S takes a comprehensive approach to security services. The company works with clients to survey their management needs, from identifying the strengths and weaknesses of individual employees to upgrading customer service and improving security surveillance. The company is based in Jacksonville, Florida.

About Motion Media Technology

Motion Media Technology ( is a world leader in the design of video communications products which provide innovative and practical solutions for business and visual communications, telehealth and home care, security and surveillance, and distance learning and training. The company provides a full range of affordable, easy to use products with outstanding video and audio quality, including desktop videophones, group videoconferencing systems, remote surveillance systems, and board-level codecs suitable for incorporation into other products.

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