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Saturday, February 27, 2021

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Raytheon Launches

Secure, Internet-based laboratory service is first to deliver need-to-know product analyses to manufacturing organizations via the Web

Lexington, MA (December 11, 2001) - Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) has announced the launch of to put advanced electronic component analysis services into the hands of the world's design engineers, manufacturing organizations, and testing laboratories. (RAL) provides its customers with 24x7 access to product reliability reports and in-process analyses performed by the lab on a wide range of electronic products, from microprocessors and discrete components to printed circuit boards and assemblies.

"These services benefit our internal and external customers who rely on our design and testing services to enhance the products they develop," said Gerry Zimmerman, Vice President, Product Assurance, for Raytheon's Command, Control, Communication, and Information Systems unit.

ReAct Online

The heart of is ReAct Online, a new system that uses secure extranet connections to integrate a customer-friendly Web site with RAL's internal laboratory information management system (LIMS). ReAct Online is a component analysis service that provides customers with quick and easy access to their analysis data and reports via the Web.

"When a manufacturer's production line goes down because a product defect has been found, there is no time to waste," said Bill Tice, Manager of the Reliability Analysis Laboratory. "By taking RAL's product testing services to the Web, we can provide design and manufacturing with instant access to product testing data. With this information, production is back online sooner."

With ReAct Online, the results of product tests are securely posted online along with images captured by the RAL's sophisticated instruments, such as scanning electron microscope (SEM) and electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis (ESCA) systems. RAL's engineers enter results into the system as soon as they are available. Customers can read and download their analysis data and communicate with the RAL staff via the Web.

ReAct Online provides a variety of services on a 24x7 basis, including review of status and funding levels for on-going work orders; view and download of completed work, including interim and final analysis reports; and review of historical project information, including prior work orders. ReAct Online also allows customers to collaborate with the RAL's engineers for detailed interpretations, cause and effect analyses, and design and manufacturing brainstorming sessions.

About Raytheon and the Reliability Analysis Laboratory

Raytheon's Reliability Analysis Laboratory (RAL) provides advanced component analysis services for high tech industries such as communications, medical, automotive, electronics, and semiconductor. Since 1963, the RAL has applied a variety of innovative analytical techniques to solving complex design and manufacturing issues for Raytheon and other manufacturers. Services include failure analysis, surface analysis & electron microscopy, non-destructive test, process improvements, and design consultations.

With headquarters in Lexington, Mass., Raytheon Company is a global technology leader in defense, government, and commercial electronics, as well as business and special mission aircraft.

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