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Sunday, November 27, 2022

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketer™

We all dream of tapping into the power of referral networks. Word of mouth marketing works because it is credible, believable, and self-spreading. Today's social networks are engaging your current and future customers. LinkedIn has almost 500 million business users. YouTube is up to 5 billion views per day, many from business users. College graduates spend more time instant messaging via social networks than communicating via email.

Marketing is changing, yet again.

Telesian's Social Media Marketer™ service is designed to put a human face on your brand and build relationships with customers and prospects via social media. Our experts help you create a comprehensive program, from listening to launch to measurement.

Listening: Discover where relevant conversations are happening and what topics are being discussed; the foundation of social media success.

Strategy Development: Develop a plan for who to reach, what to talk about and actions to encourage, how to share your expertise, and where and when to engage.

Content Creation: Create content that shares expertise and builds credibility in a less formal style than typical marketing materials; our writers know the technical markets and how to write compelling content.

Exxon MobilInfographics: Pressed for time, people are drawn to bites of information that are easy to digest. From inverted pyramid journalism to bullet point lists to visuals, the challenge is to represent complex information quickly and clearly. Infographics use a single graphic to help people process information. They are especially suited to consumption across social networks.

Program Launch: Bring together the right tools and the relevant networks at the right time, including listening tools, blog software, and measurement services.

Measurement: Understand and track relevant KPI's to measure impact across your organization, from marketing and sales to human resources to R&D.

Don't put your foot in your brand's mouth as you step out into the new world of social media. Telesian's social media experts will help you create a Social Media Marketer™ program that engages, inspires, and drives measurable results. To discuss your social media program, email Shari Worthington at .