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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

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Play Nice With GooglePlay Nice With Google ... or Else!

If you haven't seen the big Google story in the Wall Street Journal (Feb 26, 2003), you should take the time to read it now. The lead story is about how trying to cheat Google into giving your site a top listing could easily get you classified as a spammer. Once you're labeled a spammer, the next step is being dropped from Google's rankings altogether.

Given that Google currently accounts for about 75% of all search engine searches, that could be a devastating blow to your sales and marketing program!

Obtaining top rankings on the search engines is a delicate balance involving web site code, site architecture, page content, links, and more.

For instance, did you know that if you have more links out to other sites than are linking back to yours, your rankings on Google could fall?

To get the best rankings requires custom work that takes into account the key search engines and the specific needs of your site.

The bulk site registration services (those annoying emails that promise to get you listed with 2000 search engines for a mere $30!) will only end up haunting you as they can quickly get you labeled a spammer.

Find out the right way to get top search engine rankings. It takes time, patience, and work. And it must be done the right way, without tricks, or you'll get dropped altogether. So play nice with Google and follow the rules if you want results.

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